A True Story That Will Inspire You When Your Faith Is Challenged

"Raw and relatable. It will touch a lot of people. The author very transparent with her journey " - Bernie

A Journey From Broken To Freedom

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About The Book

We've all had moments in our lives when our faith is being challenged. Perhaps you're trusting and believing God for something, and the manifestation of it feels like it's a lifetime away. This transforming story of triumph, victory and God's relentless grace is not without setbacks and disappointments. Author, Dr. Debra Ignont takes us on a self-revealing journey as she uncovers the underlying reasons of low self-esteem and rejection that have plagued her faith for decades.

A Peek Inside

Debra helps readers connect by sharing her non-public journey of broken relationships but also her journey to redemption and freedom. A beautiful aspect of this book is that it reminds readers of the extraordinary path we each must take to reach our own promised land.

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What This Book Can Do For You

This book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that you don't want to miss.

Rediscover Your Faith

Life struggles often lead us to lose our faith when it's when we need it the most. Discover how Debra was able to live within faith throughout her journey.

Become Empowered

Debra will personally guide you through her life's journey to show you how you can overcome any obstacle, despite the life struggles you may be in today.

Find Your Journey

We all have our journeys to follow. Debra will be a good example of how someone can re-ignite their lives by living in faith every step of the way.

"The book had me laughing, crying, questioning, and wanting more of an intimate relationship with God. I was inspired from beginning to end."

From Singleness to Intimacy” is a must-read for anyone and everyone who is looking for true intimacy. Whether you are single, married, divorced, widowed, male or female, the book will help you understand how our self-worth can be stifled in the midst of looking for Love and sometimes in all the wrong places. This book will take you on a journey that will question your own motives about relationships and will enlighten you on how we are all designed and created for one purpose… which is to have an intimate relationship with Christ first.

My first impression about the book was to learn more about singleness, and how someone might feel about their situation as well as what God says about it… well to my surprise, it was not even close to what I expected. I received so much more. The book had me laughing, crying, questioning, and wanting more of an intimate relationship with God. I was inspired from beginning to end. Once I picked it up the book, I couldn’t put it down... I stayed up until the late hours of the night just to finish it. It was such an inspiring, heartfelt and encouraging read, so much so that I told my husband it’s a must-read even after raising three daughters. Thank you, Debra, for answering the call of God!

T. Lugo

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"This book will tug on your heart as she triumphs and finds true love..."

“There’s a new author in town, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. Newcomer Debra Ignont holds no punches as she describes her incredible journey as a single woman longing to find acceptance and love - in all the wrong places. This book will tug on your heart as she triumphs and finds true love that was always a prayer away.”

SA Garner

Are You Ready To See The Full Journey From Lost To Triumph

Get inspired by the powerful and inspiring journey Debra Moore Ignont has had to go through for her to find love and fulfillment in her life with the power of faith.

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